new merch stuff

hey we got some new merch coming up.
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Too long too quiet and with winter coming up we thought is was time for some live action before winter depression will force us into practice-room retreat. Therefore we schemed up a littel trip to Sweden to meet some friends we‘ve met a long our way, have some terrible beers and hopefully catch a glimpse of real snowy scandinavian winter.

Here’s the dates that will see us hitting Sweden hard:

Friday 6th November – Malmö @ Häng Bar
Saturday 7th November – Linköping @ venue tbc
Sunday 8th November – Gothemburg @ 128(A) + VICIOUS IRENE

Photos Kaffeehaus-Gig

Local scene-photographer Andre took a few pictures at our gig at Kaffeehaus.
MESS//AGE @ Kaffeehaus Flensburg


Our friend Marcel made us a design which we used for some posters. He’s gonna hate us for all the colors we added.

Click for a bigger picture!

Shirts in the making!

For our trip with GangControl we‘re gonna egt some shirts printed! But only a limited edition of 50 shirts! So be sure to grab one while they last.
Here’s what them masterpieces of punky textile design are gonna look like…